Don't Quit

In life you’ll make mistakes as we all will do

and it seems like you don’t have enough to even make do.

Your faith may be low and the tide real high

and you can’t get above water no matter how hard you try.

If you feel at the end and say, “This is it,”

stop and take a deep breath, but don’t just quit.


Your journey may be full of twists and curves

but if you hold on tight you can make it through the swerves.

If you stay on the course when you are down,

you may be amazed at how quickly things turn around.


Don’t give up before the race is done.

Just take one step and then another one.

The end is near though it appears to be far.

You’ll be surprised to know how close you are.

Here’s something to recall when your path’s unlit:

It’s always darkest before dawn

and you can make it if you just

don’t quit!