OUR SECOND YEAR...Growing Through Relationship 

Here's where we're at and where we're going.

  • 95 readers last year read and responded to over 2,500 essays and contributed about 1,500 hours of volunteer time.
  • Students' writing skills improved vastly last year, and according to individual surveys given to each young writer, so did their confidence and comfort in the writing process. Students DID write more and better for their readers.  Folwell ELL students showed such growth on state writing tests that they were allowed to exit out of ELL and into mainstream academic programs at an unprecedented rate.
  • An additional 50 students at Folwell are being paired with readers at this time.  This brings the total to 200 students (ALL of the 7th and 8th graders) served.
  • We always gently seek readers, and many are coming forward from more places.  This is very encouraging and necessary as we wish to extend the R/W opportunity to more kids at another school by second semester. The most successful outreach for readers has been accomplished by current readers, who send the word out to colleagues and friends.  Very helpful and appreciated!
  • Funding has been provided for us to accommodate current needs and to grow. 
  • Letter and poetry writing workshops at the Hennepin County Juvenile Detention Center continue this year.
  • A student poetry booklet (very popular!) was published through R/W at the JDC in June.  This year, workshops will be held at Folwell and the new site, and a book published for those students' writings as well.  Having an audience is key!