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Fall, 2019 From the Executive Director


I live in a nice neighborhood.  I watch people drive by in their nice, functional cars on their way to their nice homes and apartments from their nice income-producing activities, or in the case of my next door neighbors, their nice private colleges.  I think, what gives them all of this?  Certainly, many things.  But very central and primary is their ability to read and to write well.

Literacy is strength.  Literacy is power.  Literacy is a path, and it has always been so.  People who can read and write at a high level have opportunities.  People who don't have far less.

Reader/Writer is all about raising the level of literacy for kids who will soon be adults engaging in a very competitive world.  It's about giving them a chance and a choice in their lives.  Not all will take this opportunity of a hand-picked, relational writing coach to soar, but some will.  Some will be greatly impacted and find their life and outlook changed.

That's the power, strength and path of literacy.  That's Reader/Writer.

Thank you for being a part of this life-changing community.



Lia Venchi

Executive Director