Don't Quit

In life you’ll make mistakes as we all will do

and it seems like you don’t have enough to even make do.

Your faith may be low and the tide real high

and you can’t get above water no matter how hard you try.

If you feel at the end and say, “This is it,”

stop and take a deep breath, but don’t just quit.


Your journey may be full of twists and curves

but if you hold on tight you can make it through the swerves.

If you stay on the course when you are down,

you may be amazed at how quickly things turn around.


Don’t give up before the race is done.

Just take one step and then another one.

The end is near though it appears to be far.

You’ll be surprised to know how close you are.

Here’s something to recall when your path’s unlit:

It’s always darkest before dawn

and you can make it if you just

don’t quit!



What I See In My Neighborhood

In my neighborhood I see graffiti

two different races running the streets.

Cliques of Black and Latinos

gathered at the park

waiting for trouble to start.

Youngsters running from the police

some for doing wrong,

others because of police brutality.

Gunshots here, there, and around the block.

It was a 14 year old shooting

at his enemies with a 40 Glock.

Now the kid shot is dead

and the 14 year old caught at the spot.

Walls down alleys covered with gang graffiti,

other hoods crossing it out.

Youngsters running down Lake Street,

years later ending up in Stillwater, Oak Park or St. Cloud

for assault, murder or a robbery charge.

These are the things I saw while growing up.



All Alone

I’m feeling all alone

a different species, in my mind.

Looking for an answer

so I read between the lines.

Pages float away

as I’m drifting through this time.

I’m bending all reality

until I break the binds.

It seems that the hardest fight to win

is when you lose yourself

and can’t find the light within.

You search through the dark

hoping you can find a friend

like that feeling in your heart

you try to hide but you can’t pretend.

I’m the message in the box

that our God for

got to send

and you can know about my life

but you’ll never understand.



Why My Heart Is Crying

Sometimes I feel like no one cares

I’m on my own and no one’s there

I’ll die alone, that’s what I fear

I’m dying slow and I’m aware

I try to cry but can’t find a tear


Sometimes I feel my life is dark

because my past has played a part

And in my self-destructing

I feel like I’m combusting

My inner peace and me are fussing

The outer me was struck by lightning

And that is why my heart is crying


E. W.

These Streets

These streets ain’t a place to be

Just to let you know I’ve walked through towns to see

To see from my point of view

This is real stuff I’m telling you

No need to lie

Gangbanging ain’t the way to fly

Going to school

That’s what’s cool

Not drinking and smoking

In the end you’ll pay the token

These streets ain’t a place to be


P. H.